Zentimo 2.4

Manage USB and eSATA devices, and solve common USB-related problems

Zentimo is intended to manage the USB devices connected to your computer. It is meant to substitute Windows built-in tool, as Zentimo has many more features, like the possibility to access and modify a device´s properties as well as perform speed tests. Fortunately, the program is not difficult to use at all.

The program lets you stop any connected USB device. Perhaps you are arguing that you can do the same with the default tool and it is true. However, Zentimo is much better at forcing devices to stop when given processes are preventing this action. Moreover, if you do not wish to do the “hard way”, you can always have the program display the list of processes to find where the problem is. Another advantage of Zentimo is that it actually allows disabling some kinds of external devices (hot-plug devices), which you would normally need to do via the Device Manager. Moreover, if you have stopped a device but it is still plugged, you can start it again without the need for the usual operation of disconnecting and reconnecting it.

The tool is quite advisable in terms of automating your work. In this respect, Zentimo lets you define what your system should do on an event such as connection and removal. This way, you can set a given application to run or create a backup of the contents of the USB device before stopping it.

Other worth-mentioning features are that the program can prevent autorun viruses to start from your portable drive as well as manage encrypted partitions. Moreover, it lets you manage drive letter and conduct speed test on your devices.

In a nutshell, Zentimo is certainly one of the best tools of its kind. The product is sold in three licenses: personal, commercial and unlimited site (supporting all the computers in an enterprise). However, you should know that there are similar programs available at no cost, although they may not have so many features.

Pedro Castro
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  • Performs speed tests
  • Can force lock devices to stop
  • Allows viewing the services that are locking the USB device
  • Lets you disable hot-plug devices
  • Supports automating actions
  • Deters autorun viruses
  • Manages drives letters


  • There are similar tools available for free
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